General conditions


The reservation is considered to be fully confirmed upon receipt of the “Confirmation Letter”. The Agency will only send this letter once it has received the down payment, the completed list of guests and the acceptance of the signed rental proposal.


The down payment amount is indicated in the “Contract Proposal” and must be paid by the deadline stated therein. The down payment can be made via bank transfer or via credit card on our website www.azgroup. it. We kindly request that you indicate the “Contract Proposal” reference number and the name of the person making the booking in the payment description. The Agency reserves the right to refuse any down payments made after the stated deadline. The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival by cash or by cheque, or via a bank transfer made at least 4 days prior to arrival


The Customer undertakes to promptly notify the Agency should they be unable to attend the holiday and if the reservation therefore needs to be cancelled;
a.if the holiday is cancelled at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay, the Customer will receive a voucher equal to the value of the down payment, net of administration fees. This voucher may be used for another reservation in one of our facilities during the same year or during the following year;
b.if the holiday is cancelled less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay, then the down payment will be lost, without any further charges;
c.if the Customer does not turn up on the first day of the stay (NO SHOW), without having provided prior written notice to that effect (via mail to info@ or via fax to 0039.0431.763117), then the Customer undertakes to pay the balance for the days when the accommodation subsequently remains vacant.
d.if there is a proven need to do so (accident, illness, cancellation of annual leave, etc.), and as long as the Customer provides at least 10 days’ notice, they may request that the Agency postpone their stay (without altering the duration), within the same year, opting for another available apartment. In this case, the Customer will only be charged the administration fee involved.

Vouchers cannot be used together with other special offers or promotions and they may not be accepted in all of our facilities. Please be informed that it is possible to take out online insurance to cover any cancellations or holidays being cut short. Health, accident and third party liability insurance etc. is also available. For further information, we recommend that you visit sites such as Allianz Assistance or Columbus Direct.


The apartment will be ready on the agreed arrival date, between 4pm and 8pm. The Agency reserves the right to hand over the keys to the apartment before this time to anyone who may request this, but only under the following conditions, which the Customer expressly declares that he/she accepts:
a.the apartment will be handed over in the same condition that the previous Customer left it in; will not be possible to make any complaints about the cleanliness of the apartment;
c.upon departure, the apartment must nonetheless be left in a perfectly clean state.
In some facilities, it is possible to request an EARLY CHECK-IN service from the Agency (Euro 30.00), which guarantees that the apartment will be ready by 12-midday. If the Customer is running late, they are kindly requested to notify the Agency, otherwise the apartment will be kept free until 10am the following day, after which time the Agency will have the right to rent it to somebody else, with the consequences referred to by point 3, letter c. Should the Customer decide to arrive one or two days after the agreed date, they will be under the obligation to pay the full balance in advance. Should the Customer decide to leave early, they will not have the right to any rent reductions.


a.It is forbidden to host more people than the number indicated in the “Confirmation Letter”. In this regard, children are counted as adults. The Agency, at its sole discretion, may authorise the presence of one additional person. In this case, a surcharge will apply.
b.Guests are under the obligation to follow the house rules and must ensure that they respect the hours of rest in the afternoon and at night (generally: 1.30pm - 3.30pm / 10pm-8.30am).
c.Guests are committed to taking the utmost care of the apartment and its equipment. The Customer must pay for any damages.
d.Complaints regarding the state of the apartment will only be accepted if they are made on the day of arrival. Complaints regarding the apartment’s equipment and accessories will be accepted up to 24 hours after arrival.
e.Customers may bring their pets only if they requested to do so when making their booking and only if they received our prior authorisation, taking into consideration the rules of each apartment and depending on the wishes of the individual apartment owner. A surcharge will apply for pets. In any case, it is strictly forbidden to leave animals alone inside the apartment.
f.It is forbidden for Customers to use their own heaters, stoves, air conditioning units or any other energy-consuming appliances or accessories.

The Agency reserves the right to enter the apartments even when the guests are not present in order to check that these regulations are being followed and for any maintenance work. Should the Agency discover a serious failure to respect the regulations, the rent contract will be considered automatically terminated with immediate effect.


Apartments are furnished and are equipped with a gas powered kitchen, refrigerator, kitchen accessories (plates, cutlery, glasses and pans, with the exception of non-stick pans) and a bed cover and cushion for each bed. The Customer must bring their own table linen, towels and bed sheets. Upon request, it is possible to rent bed sheets on site. Mattress covers and cushion covers may not be used as bed linen. If they are returned dirty, laundry charges will be applied. In most facilities, gas is supplied through gas cylinders. When the cylinder runs out, it will be promptly replaced during the following working hours: 9.00 – 12.45 / 15.45 – 19.45 (summer season)


In order to ensure that the aforementioned regulations are correctly followed, when the apartment is handed over, the Customer must pay the Agency a security deposit, using either a credit card or bank cheque. Cheques and credit card forms will be cancelled/destroyed within 48 hours from the Customer’s departure. If the security deposit is paid in cash, the Agency, at its own discretion, may ask the Customer to wait in the office while their apartment is inspected (around 20/30 minutes). Alternatively, the Agency can refund the amount paid via bank transfer to the Customer’s account, the details of which must be provided in writing. At the sole discretion of the Agency, the security deposit may be increased up to Euro 500.00 in the presence of animals or groups of young people


Customers must leave the apartment, in a clean and tidy state, by 9am on the agreed departure day. Even if the Customer has requested and paid for the final cleaning service, they must nonetheless free the apartment of any leftovers and rubbish and leave the refrigerator and kitchenette, dishes and pans completely clean and put away in their cupboards. At the discretion of the Agency, departures may be authorised outside of GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF RENTAL REGULATIONS office hours but, in this case, the Agency reserves the right to refund the security deposit via bank transfer, with any related charges being payable by the Customer. If, on the day of departure, the inspection reveals that the apartment is dirty and messy, the cleaning fee indicated on the price list will be charged, increased by 100%. If pans, dishes or rubbish bins are not found in a perfectly clean state, then a sum of Euro 100.00 will be charged only for the cleaning of these items. If hair, excrement or any holes are found in apartments and/or gardens where animals have been kept, then a sum of Euro 100.00 will be charged only for this reason. Under no circumstances will the keys be given back for the apartment.


The Agency cannot be held responsible for any breakages, accidents, losses, thefts, delays or other inconveniences which may occur in the apartment, as its role is merely that of intermediary between the apartment owner and the Customer. The Agency will nonetheless provide its help to resolve any problems that may arise. Any proven requests for compensation must be presented on site in writing. If the air-conditioning does not work properly, the Agency will provide a portable unit until repair work is completed, or 10% of the daily rent will be reimbursed for the days when the air conditioning was out of order. For any disputes, the court of Pordenone will have sole jurisdiction.


a.In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the Agency reserves the right to replace the allocated apartment with another one with the same characteristics. b.The Agency will take into consideration any specific apartment requests (number, floor, orientation, view, etc.), but can nonetheless provide any relative guarantees. c.The images of furnishings included in the catalogue and on the website are to be considered “typical” and will not necessarily be the same for all accommodation. d.The list prices may not necessarily apply to all accommodation. e.Any taxes imposed by the Municipal Authorities (please see Tourist Tax) are not included in the price and must be paid upon arrival. f.WI-FI - This service is provided free of charge in the facilities marked with the specific logo, and may be available in the apartment or only in the communal areas (such as the swimming pool, reception, etc.). Upon arrival, Customers will be provided with 2 free passwords for each apartment. Should this service become unavailable, or if it doesn’t work properly, the Agency will contact the service provider as a matter of urgency. However, no requests for compensation may be made. g.SAT TV - The ‘Sat TV’ logo means that a satellite system is installed, allowing Customers to watch a number of pre-set foreign channels that cannot be altered. TV - The TV signal in Bibione is often weak, especially in smaller buildings. It is therefore only possible to watch a limited number of channels. Each building’s administrator is responsible for the TV antennas and, therefore, the Agency cannot intervene unless it does so on their behalf. As a result, no requests for compensation can be presented to the Agency. h.SWIMMING POOL - The swimming pool will be open from mid-May until mid-September, depending on the weather conditions during said period.


When making their reservation, the Customer expressly accepts all of the provisions and terms and conditions stated herein. CHECK-IN During the high season, Customers may inevitably have to queue up to pay the balance of their stay and pick up the keys to their apartment. To keep track of the order in which Tourists arrive, there is a small touch screen machine in front of the office door that will print a ticket with your access number. When it is your turn, you may enter the office and go to the specific check-in desk indicated on the monitor. For safety reasons, only 2 people per apartment are allowed to enter, bringing with them the identification documents of all of the guests staying in the same apartment. PRIORITY CHECK-IN / FAST CHECK-IN In addition to the touch screen CHECK-IN machine, a FAST CHECK-IN service is also available, with priority access being granted ONLY to those who: 1.have already paid the balance of the reservation at least 15 days before arrival, via a bank transfer to the following account, indicating the reservation number and the name of the recipient of the “Confirmation Letter” or “Rental Proposal” (NO CREDIT CARDS). Account holder: AZ GROUP SRL IBAN: IT52B 08965 36291 00500 5010048 2.have filled out the online Customer Registration / List of Guests form on our website; 3.have a credit card for the security deposit. Anyone using the Fast Check-In service will receive a free gift upon arrival.

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