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Dear Customers, We thank you for choosing our Agency for your holidays. We would like to provide you herewith with some useful information. TAKING POSSESION OF THE APARTMENT Once you have entered your accommodation, please do the following:

  • park your car in the parking space marked by the same number as the assigned apartment, or according to indications provided at check-in;
  • turn on the electric power through the appropriate switches: the electrical panel is generally placed near the entrance or kitchen of the accommodation;
  • turn on the boiler for hot water supply (if your accommodation has it): this is usually in the bathroom and must be activated through the indicated switch or by inserting the plug. For hot water it will take 30/40 minutes .Since the boiler has a maximum capacity, its reserve could end ; in that case it will be enough to wait a few minutes;
  • turn on the refrigerator by placing the knob in position number 3: a higher setting means that the fridge may overheat and end its cooling function;
  • A) open the gas bottle(generally placed inside the kitchen or in a special wardrobe on the terrace / garden) by rotating the appropriate knob placed above the same, in the sense indicated by the inscription “open”. If the gas bottle runs out, contact our office and wait in the apartment for the delivery of the new one, as the company in charge (which is external to our agency) does not have the keys to your accommodation and can’t get in touch with you : delivery normally takes about 30 minutes, every day, from 9:00-12:30 to 15:00-19:00 (outside these times it is not possible to require delivery);
  • B) in the case that your accommodation has an induction plate, please use only the pots that you can find inside the accommodation, and make sure that the locking mode is not inserted before starting to use it (normally marked with a key);
  • close all windows and doors whenever you need to use the air conditioner.

If you have used the rental service of sheets or towels, these must be placed, properly folded, in an accessible point of the accommodation in order to facilitate their collection. Mattress covers and pillow covers cannot be used as bedding: if we find them dirty, in fact, you will be charged for the laundry (€10.00 per person). As for the equipments collected at the agency, which are part of the children’s kit (service to be required in good time), these must be returned to the agency suitably cleaned.

Please non-essential electronic equipment should not be used at the same time , in order to avoid a fail of power. In case this happens, it will be necessary to turn the power on at the main control panel . In the apartment blocks this is usually located inside a room on the ground floor, while as for the Villas in a cupboard located in the garden of the house or in that of an adjacent one.

If you haven’t already booked online your place under the sun, you can hand over the voucher, received from the agency ,to the ticket office on the beach. We remind you that there is an extra charge for beach umbrellas in the first 3 rows facing the sea or those on the walkway.

The apartment must be returned, perfectly clean (and free from people and things), by 9:00 am. 30 Euro per hour will be charged by delayed delivery of the apartment. If the accommodation is not returned in order and clean you will be charged for the final cleaning at the list price increased by 50% and for no reason will the keys be returned. Any final cleaning service must be booked by giving at least 2 days’ notice. The apartment must be returned with: -floors, windows and furniture properly cleaned and washed with specific detergents; -clean and defrosted refrigerator avoiding the use of sharp objects to remove ice. In addition, even to those, who will require the final cleaning service, we remind that: a) dishes and pots must be cleaned, stored neatly in the appropriate furniture and not left in the drain; b) dust bin , dust pan, bucket and floor cloths should be left clean; c) nothing should be left in the apartment, (not even food, detergents, etc.).

N.B.: Cleaning staff will not take responsibility for any lost items inside the house after the keys are handed over.

Our main office in Piazzale Zenith,n.8 is open every day from 9:00-12:30, and from 15:00-19:00.



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